Tdy was so busy! spent the morning + afternoon at tanjong pagar & met yuqing to pass her her bday present + she gave me the grad ticket hehehe thanks babe the 15 min chat we had was damn funny!HAHAHA & ill see you next week

fatty & i wanted koi but koi was no where to be found & the nearest was at chinatown but it was too bleeding hot to walk there.sooo.mos burger milk tea instead!HAHA & we bused to thomson plaza t meet mummy & sis & maid daddy’s in thaiiiiiiiiland be safeeee tmr im gonna go to the salmon market @ woodlands/jurong area w fatty! sashimi!!!!! HAHAHA. & then meet clique thereafter. i just finished making jelly for them!hehe hope it tastes good else can just throw away lol.

& fatty wants me to say he bought me a new eyeliner-.- HAHA k thanks fatty for the early graduation present as you call it i like it alot but i love you more muahahaha


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