Had breakie w fatty today we ordered too much food! & koiiiii haha everyday also koi it is loveeee! after breakie i went off to meet vanny beesiang serene brenda liying kim! we had lunch at raffles place OCK, near to where ham & kim are working at! haha it was damn funny & the stupid OCK aunty was so annoying!“no outside drinks!(referring to our each a cup that DID NOT EVEN HAVE A STRAW POKED IN IT) how many more people coming? YOU WANT TO ORDER ALREADY x 3 repeat, sit here no space, 6 ppl here no space.CANNOT PUT THIS CHAIR HERE!” SO ANNOYING. anw lunch was nice!!! met cass & veron too hahaha! they dropped by for a bitsy. anw the day ended w vanny, serene & i shopping! & vanny & i bought the same F21 shorts HAHA! see below! it was a well spent day, we should do this more often, at least ONCE A WEEK PLEASE. & ill see you babies tmr!


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