love was when God became a man

Went to my previous church today cos (i) its nearer to home (ii) mummy & sis didnt go. cefc & zbpc w different culture lol.fatty came along.attended zbpc since 4 yrs old till 14 yrs old then cefc from 2004 till now hahaha.prefer the friends from cefc! anw pastor tony & pastor edmund.w came to our house tdy to pray for my mummy after hearing about the op last fri. so sweet! they stayed for 1 hour ++ & it was fun chatting w them.

no idea what im gonna do tmr but i got a feeling fatty will make me watch ipman. sian ttm. haha.

anw sylvia gorgeous idk if you still read this page,(i just smsed you this anw) but if you do, just wanted to let you know that kelvin & i will be praying for you and mervin & yes, her family as well. losing a friend is never easy but anw iloveyou & take care okay!


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