sentosa baby!

Today rocked haha burning in the sun!we caught 4 fishes & used them as baits to lure other fishes into our container haha so funnnnnyyyy.showered and had late lunch at close 3pm.starving lor haha fats got my daddy a FCUK shirt & i got his daddy a ZARA shirt for his bday.we’re so nice lol. & really broke now $400-500 on gifts alone is crazy.reallllyyyy.i hope i save more $ during internship next week!hehehe grocery shopping w my famfam!dinner at sakae was nice!wanted to try contacts but they no time to teach me so im gg back next week or smthg!
air force one show is on teevee now!v nice to watch!im wearing fatty’s shirt to nice smell hahaha driving tmr plussss meet sis to get birkenstocks for mummy’s bday plus hopefully visit sylvia at frolick after 6pm!& then dinner w the cousins.whooooo.i have blue coloured corn chips leh organic know! never tried before but i shall try some NOWWWWW since my sis bought them :O sleepover w mummy tonight hehe.


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