botanic baby!

Our hangout today was at botanic. we had a picnic & i baked brownies which burnt in the oven cos it said 45 sec i put 45 min best anw our picnic was good & fun! too bad it rained haha we had to go indoors soooo off to PS & orchard! fatty got me cotton on shorts damn cheap from $20 to $5 hehe bought daddy smthg too.went to scout around for fatty’s bday present part 2. he chose zara jeans!haha i am brokeee like anything lol.went to mummy’s office to wait for her after that & we went to pick daddy & homedddd.

today is nicole lim’s 2nd week death anniversary ): i saw the pictures her dad upload on facebook so heartbreaking!!! all the funeral pictures & stuff. super super sad. im starting to feel it all over again,the day we went & stuff. hows heaven babe?

tmr im gg swimming at fattys house after his internship briefing. love holidays wish sip didnt start so early!


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