Final destination sucked. didnt think it was worth the $ looking at gory scenes with rubbish story lines lol. will never watch it again! waste moneyyyy hahaha we had lunch @ ION.waste money ramen shop.one bowl of ramen $14 HAHAHA.not even nice!!! just all noodles pleaze.yuck.anw went to get mummy’s goldheart present from yours truly lol.$ byebye!hope she likes it though her bday is like next wed on the day i start internship ahh wtfffff. so sian! anw fat ball of lard bought his mother a coach wristlet for her bday.we’re buying advanced gifts cos no time during SIP to go shopping![we think only la] & i want the coach also!!!haha.& we went to zara & he wanted this shirt so i got it as part of his bday present. im damn broke today alone close $300 spent by 2 of us.wtf seriously damn broke damn broke!!!!! shall go on some hunger strike & stop wasting money on food lol.

stupid fats keep napping damn irritating la ytd nap for 5 hours tdy nap another 1-2 hours walao im not talking to him forever lor irritating! choose sleep over talking to me wtf ha better buy me my coach to make up for your 10357015701 hours of napping & leaving me alone.IDIOT :<


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