church anni!

CEFC turns 31! service was at suntec today.breakfast at macs before service haha the macs milo damn gross or smthg, i think they put too lil ice haha!service was not bad i liked benny’s testimony most. you should have seen his passport la it was like 20 normal ones joined tgt cos he visited 218 countries alr! hes from india and he built a guitar w drums on or what! Lina Ng & Clement Chow were the hosts & Hagen Tan performed haha they were all really nice. Porridge buffet for lunch,first time trying quite okay la i liked the veg hehe we went walkingggg haha mummy secretly bought fatty this doraemon soft toy keychain & gave it to him just now.awww so cute.met fatty’s parents just now & my mummy talked to them lol so funny.they are going for high tea tgt sometime-.- lol anw im dead tired everyday waking up at 7 to go out haha.shittt.gonna catch final destination with my one & only fat ball of lard whom i love very much.hahaha[; & we’re gg shopping tmr for his bday present[i let him choose!] & mummy’s goldheart necklace chain which i need to get cos i only got the pendant the other time! tmr i foresee $250+ flying away.criessss.i miss daddy! he is cmg back tues!hehe happyhappy!


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