VANNY & YQ i luvvv.

My day was aweeesome how about yours! After driving[i was late hahah] met up with vanny & yq at weewoo see tee and we had subway for lunch & talked talked talked & awfully choc for dessert omg one helluva biggg tub la HAHA. we went shopping after that at FOREVER 21 HAHA we all bought similar tops!!! i love ittttt hehe then we went to the sky park to take pics wahaha what preying mantis eh haha.damn funny laughed till dunno who pee-ed in their pants HAHAHA sooo funny!we went to see dogs cats hamsters at pet safari.aww the toy poodle is so cutey! vanny & i both want him!HAHA he costs $2000 btw.tsk expensive little poodle.

anw we had a fun day tgt & i love them very much heheheh orphan next week?LOL.much loveee babies!

get to see my fatty boy tmr.eggcited to the max its been 4-5 days since i last saw him awww.


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