Crim pro…

Crim pro was okay. nothing much to say about it.left a 14 mark question half blank omg.was deciding whether or not to attend Nicole Lim’s funeral..decided not to because i wanna rmb her as a happy cheerful bubbly smiling girl and not someone who’s in a cold hard wooden box i keep looking at her facebook! very very sad cos i just saw her last week in lecture…its her last day today.or rather half an hour ago..just texted bs.sigh.have a good sleep okay princess? heaven is beautiful.. so are you. God must have needed you more..seeyou soon sleeping beauty

roamed round toa payoh area caught in the rain.stocked up on new pencils/pens! luv the new leftright series of pink green blue pens and for fatz pink for me! our 25th monthsary gift.

2 of fatty’s classmates are helluva annoying.they should just screwwww off and quit bugging/disturbing ppl!omgggg.seriously GET A LIFE LA comeon how old already still wanna sms and complain about your r/s problems? HEY ITS YOURS,NOT OURS pleaze.grow up!!! dont call and then after that say ppl flirting with you omg HAHAHA biggest joke alive please.We dont flirt with other ppl besides each other so stop pestering my fatty and STOP calling him to complain about what your bf [becos my fatty doesnt give a shit about you either] did to you HE IS NOT YOUR AUNT AGONY GO WRITE TO TEENAGE MAGAZINE!and STOP smsing me and asking  me to ‘KEEP IT A SECRET’ so that all your common friends wont find out that you guys keep quarelling and are on the verge of a break up & that you called my fatty to spill your r/s problems. I AM SO TELLING ON YOU! TELLING YOUR BF THAT YOU CALLED MY FATTY HOHO YOU ARE DAD MEAT MAMA! OHMY IS IT OUR BUSINESS THAT YOURE BREAKING UP? NOOOOO! who cares! seriously.your life, get a hold of it YOURSELF.tyvm and sayonara QUIT SMSING AND CALLING US FOR GOODNESS SAKE. let me repeat. WE ARE NOT YOUR AUNT AGONY(s) xie xie ni.

edit 0718pm
Fatty just smsed his friend and his friend has apologised to us.HOHO finally settled it with him. now he has to settle it with his gf!stupid pleaze make a mountain out of a mole hill.IDIOT. see told you it was your gf who first called my fatty saying you said she was paranoid and all.PROOF FOR YOU SIR?:> now go settle it with her and RUN ALONG NOW


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