frigging broccoli

saw this on deviantart.haha sucha joke.stuck home today. cramps like helllll 😡 watch tv,eat,study a bit,chat online,call fatz,haha super loser. dunno what’s gg on in my house. construction workers digging the wooden platforms etc. i dont rmb my parents telling me tdy theyll be cmg to work?-.- weird must be my maid let them in one!!! walked my sis out to the bus stop since i had to mail some parcels anyway. waited for her to go to school then i walked back home.drank one big cup of soya bean [nnp become bigger only walao-.-] so now fatz is out cycling w his friends cos they wna wear their oakleys out.lame haha so im online chatting with ian cai the mad fellar about his girl problems hahahhhh urgh im sweating in my room and this is another useless post shit bye!


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