Today, I freaked out when something touched my foot. I soon realized, it was just my other foot. MLIA

funniest shit ive seen online.MLIA is hilarious! been sulking and bumming around out for grocery shopping. conducting longchamp bag spree :> makes me happpppy.

wondering why poly students cant get into local uni as easily as jc students. the other day V & V were talking about it in accounting class.mhm but its so true? so what if you get a GPA of like 3 and up JC students who get Cs still make it to uni!-.- which is worse than a GPA of 3 obviously.ha whatever life is just unfair and im not gonna dwell on it. might as well make it work for you if you cant beat it right!

tmr some fatty wants to buy oakley sunglasses as his bday present from his parents.its a whopping $300 for oakley.stupid not even nice lor haha.IMO waste $ only. ive been feeling rather annoyed lately hahaha either PMS or its the fact that SIP is getting nearer and grad day is coming closer & i have no idea where/what im gonna study and I WANT TO STUDY I DONT WANNA WORK? :< so pissed!

chasoba and udon for dinner hopefulllly.itll make my day x13584673


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