UP 3D movie!

nice day out today. fatz came over & waited for me to send daddy all the stuff i had to print guess what! we walked out and found $50 ON THE ROAD OUTSIDE MY HOUSE. couldnt track the owner cos there wasnt anyone around lol. went to marina to get tickets for UP 3D movie! thai express for lunch. biggest joke,bill was $27++& we had rebate of $26.40 LOL. end up paying only $1.75!!! the manager & waitress were all laughing & stuff haha shit.Went to Topman fatty got an OSCAR tee for only $19. soooo nice! movie was damn nice the old man soooo cute okay! so sweet to his wife too.awww wonder when i grow old if ill be like him hehe. after movie we had snack at this new jap eatery at city link mall. chasoba my favourite!!! Suntec for YAMI YOG.hoho big big jumbo cup blackberry & peach! fatty bought me these peaceeee earrings aww so cutey. wanted it for like quite long haha! but i dont usually buy earrings over $15 cos abittt waste money only! thanks fatfat! went to meet daddy & mummy picked us home.

staying home tmr to study crim. cries :< & off to thomson plaza at niteeee for dinner w fam & of cos our weekly grocery shopping hehehohomeemaaamooo so hungry now!


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