hi babies!

Day one at thailand was gooood!plane flight sucked and before that mummy bought 2 gucci items haiz so envious lol.daddy says its for her birthdayyy cuz its so expensive!!! i wont disclose how much though.hehe after checking into our serviced apartment we cabbed out to the condo we bought in thailand.umm for investments haha!small unit facing PLATINUM omg the ultimate wholesale shopping im going there later! we walked out after the condo viewing & i found some damn pretty hairbands and i bought 8 of them for my classmates hehe vanny vanessa serene shijie yuqing!ribbon hairbands! v pretty.gave one to my sis,keeping one,one to fatty’s sis.yay.sis & i bought shoes at a steal of $8!!!lol oxfords in grey for me and black for herHAPPY.went for dinner at central world jap restaurant. food here is rather affordable! we had like 2 plates of beef steak,1 pork thingy,1 salmon w brown rice & roasted garlic x3,veg x2,saladx2,prawnx2,mushroom x6,etc & i ate double carbo HAHA was starving cos i dont eat plane food so i skipped lunch.had one wholeeee bowl of rice PLUS another plate of soba.sigh my tummy is getting biggerfatty knows and he likes telling me im damn fat esp at the stomach area haha.walked around after dinner there were SOOOO many studded bangles,hand made bow clips,vintage bags,RINGS x18205601561. so CHEAP ALSO.got those m.monroe face rings, just damn lots!!!haha see until shiok.bought some stuff.was gg off when i spotted this little stall selling leather goods so i went to see & i got fatz a key pouch cos he lost his in dark brown!pure leather for a price of $3!

chatted w fatty boy for 2 hours online before sleeping ytd.so nice can webcam and hear him hehe and i got a thailand sim card to sms/call!so happy daddy bought for me hehe.woke up v early cos..i got mixed up with the time sigh.haha drank soyabean after bathing and came online to disturb my fatty!HAHAwoke him up at 840 to talk to me lol.btw im one hr behind heere so yeahhh im early!webcamming with fatty’s mama now!LOL.damn funny.
okay i gtg blogged too much alr hehe gg platinum yay yay cant wait!cheap thrills hehehehe k bye have a nice weekend!


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