bye sg! :<

aww today fatty came over after his school & we had lunchhhhmade some damn gross marshmellow peanut butter bread haha virgin attempt the marshmellows hardened SO FAST he slept for like a while..then we went out! KFC for snack around 4 before heading to school to meet BeeeeeSiangggg!!!civil test hahaha i hope this would be better than the previous one..section A was nice. B was tooo hard lol.fatty waited for me so we went back tgt & had the famous tao huay idk whats the shop’s name but it was good! tang yuan with milk tao huay!so yummy we had 2 bowls hehehe.waited for daddy to pick me home. aww i miss you fatty fat fat! ill get you nice stuff from thailand & oovoo with you every night & buy a thailand SIM card to sms/call you & you can sms me too! see you on monday afternoon fatty boy i loveeee you.


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