Mloct was a pain in MYASS-.- go sch waste time play computer talk to vanny on facebook, sms van tan to chat, disturb cookie hater huiyu, call ah lun an idiot, eat ah lun’s gummies & stone for 1 hour. went to SUBWAY at tamp one with sharp,vanny mel jean,van tan! yay subway is love. tmr me & fatty are gonna grab that for lunch again.yesyes! ate & talked & ate & talked. studied with van a while after the other 2 left. plugged my ear plugs into my ear w/o turning ipod on. that’s to prevent myself from being distracted by outside noise & at the same time NOT listening to music helps haha! got sooo sleepy after 30 mins ended up shopping.sigh.Haha just NOT cut out for mugging.
fatty came all the way from dover to meet met at tampies.aww so sweet wanted t get the uniqlo hoodies $59.80 for 2 BUTTT decided to make new couple rings instead fatty has NEVER worn any of our rings cos he thinks couple rings damn gayish for him to wear on his finger. so he keeps it in his wallet been wearing my current one for 13 months now.He made a new one for me! it looks like the pic below but prettier cos the words are ‘pop out’ kind not just plain engraving. its like buble letters with cursive hearts & all. verrry pretty. quite ex i think.our current one costs $70 for A PAIR, the new one he got for me cost $68 for ONE but so niceee! cant wait to collect next week when i get back from land of smiles hehehe.

the only thing that’s spoiling my week is civil pro test. dammit babyyyyy its one day before i leave cant even go out!!! anw starving alr time to eat dinner :> im damn fat my tummy is bulging for realllll i think all the fats go there damn gross eeek byebye!


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