Cycled at ECP today. double bike with fatty! didnt have to pedal hahaha stopped for coconut drink & we rode around for an hour plus ONLY hahaha.lazy people! ended up eating lunch at some korean restaurant,not bad!quite niceeee. i like the tao gayyy haha they have these very cool towels in the form of a coin shape & its sooo tiny! my daddy told me its peppermint-.- when you pour water on it it’ll like expand & pop up like a fluffy marshmellow!Lol super facinating fatty took 2 more for me when we were leaving.actually must buy one la like 8 for $2 but the manager gave me 2 haha! fatz went home t sleep & we went back t do some work but i fell asleep too.haiz.haha.lazy.woke up bathed & out again to visit grandpa grandma’s grave cos its their death anniversary & birthday respectively.kinda miss them.saw some babies grave.born & died on the same poor thing! their grass patch was so tinyyy. i think going to the cemetery will like make you reflect on your life & how much we should appreciate everything God has given to us. i mean these babies didnt even live to see ONE day!

dinner was at some ALLSON HOTEL at cityhall quite okay.pig innard soup was the best! & dessert hehe brownies w ice cousins all so funny one please. walao they all got iphone itouch I ALSO WANT :< my sis is saving for itouch/ask for it for her bday hahaha I DONT HAVE :< church tmr morningzzzz daddy is serving as usher tmr so gotto go early. wah im damn tired AGAIN.shall sleep once i upload the pics on FB.



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