so cute :>

heading out in 25 mins! fatty’s getting colours award for squash later.hehe so im going w his mummy & maybe his daddy! going early to head out for ice cream after i pick him from My course manager just facebook msg-ed me to tell me he’s going for the colours award later as well cos his daughter is also from NP squash HAHA OMG. and i asked fatty if he knew his daughter & he was like YAAAAA we play POLITE team tgt one& i saw the pictures HAHA gonna meet Mr L later in NP then.tsktsk

i just ate a whole plate of CARBS. spaghetti to the max. my maid loves feeding me carbs tyvm. & i just watched jon&kate plus 8! most adorable show EVER. am ordering lacoste bags yehehehe. cant wait to get my hands on them when they arrive! last day to order if ya’ll want it. so far ive around 5 orders I THINK.haha gdbye im off!


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