Travelled almost 2 hours to NP by BUS.piang almost died la please SUPER LONG. &&&&& MY IPOD DIED !)*$^)$^*)!$% so angry! couldnt even turn on & the battery was FULL okay wth. reached NP’s stop & fatz got up the bus & we headed to THE DAILY SCOOP ice cream cafe. yummy we ate $10.70 worth of ice cream & waffles HAHA. felt so sick after that la yuckzzzz. got my pretty pink earpcs from fatz. one for vanny one for me! my old one tore cos i accidentally hooked it onto a zip.shit.went t mummy’s office for a while w snacks for her haha. EACH A CUP at library was nice! met fatty’s mummy,sis & bro at cheers & we went to the auditorium.haha ceremony was ok.not too draggy hehe took some pics here & there. yay fatz got his award! & i saw Mr Looi & his daughter HAHA.had dinner there & we got free photos! on the spot take & get. parents picked me & home sweet home! IM DRAINED. tmr gg cycling at ECP w family & fatz.HAHA


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