HAHAHA so cute! Went to school for a mere 45 mins today.awesomeeee hahah wasted my time travelling but the lecture was impt choice! This old lady sat next to me in the bus & she talked to me.haha i thought she’d speak in chinese/hokkien but she spokein perfect english!LOL shes like 70ish cutey.

i need to study civil pro! just did Mloct project 2.sian like ballz. Am chatting with a customer via sms.haha shes damn funny keeps ‘omg-ing’ at me.funnnnny please. customers like her are nice. just mailed out some stuff to another nice girl ytd as well. i like customers who speak nicely & enquire nicely haha. anw im conducting some lacoste spree on for guys & girls bags. YES ALL ARE AUTHENTIC  spree closes this SATURDAY. same goes, if youre my friend you get it at cost price. the bags are at least $40 cheaper than retail.

gdday ya’llz me is gonna do some productive work!


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