HAPPY 2nd YEAR:> moving back to xanga

I imported feeds into tumblr. so i can blog here & it’ll still appear on my tumblr hehe. found out xanga is much cooler.tumblr’s fonts suck.so mega huge.
HAPPY SECOND YEAR ANNIVERSARY FATS!<3 went to town tgt after my school. had lunch @ far east! wanton noodles hehe.nice! walked around.i want this pair of shoes.. $30 lol.save money again.tsk.walked to heeren.i still want the coil hair ties! so nice! I dont need 4 but they only sell them in 4s!irritatingggg.went to weewo to walk around,had Awfully choc ice cream before heading to KEPPEL BAY. the scenery there is niceeee manzxzx. we had TCC for dinner cos fats said the alio ogli v nice & it was!!! seafood pasta w garlic & chilli padi w prawns & scallops heh & lagsane too!nicenice!took pics everyyyywhere before walking back to weewo.

hope you like your presents fats thanks for the pretty dress & nice top & skirt & dinner & long letter!<3

we bought the same transparent pencil boxes haha i squeezed our names on them.lol looks stupid but heck,its ours not yours HAHAHA. church tmr! project P. cant wait to see the churchies!its been long :>


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