fck the truck ha

aiyoh so bloody pissed over the driving test 😡 i did circuit well,nv exceed points or anything BUT on the main road, 1 car and 1 truck had to cut in my lane,stall at the side causing me to ‘never watch out for danger’ and ‘too slow to react to danger’ kena 18 points FLAT.fckkkk.hahaha.& while doing parallel parking,the car behind me knocked down a pole but the traffic police thought it was me!ahh fck again.thanks ah give me extra 4 points for ‘striking down pole’ & i had stuff like ‘incorrect checking of blindspots’ omg how to check wrongly?left & right only can check wrong ah?HAHA fck know!omg feel so bu gan xing my gosh. im not pissed than sad haha.ohwelllllz.guess it just wasnt meant t be today,or maybe God thinks im too immature to drive haha.shall try again.one more time these bloody trucks/taxis/cars stall/cut into my lane ill fck all of them upside down.not the literal meaning but you get my drift.seriously!!! i still wonder how my fatty got 2points..its like IMPOSSIBLE in my world.

anw,back to reality,fatz came over to chillax w me! we had nice food t eat & fun time playing haha.then he fell asleep for half hour while i tried doing Mloct Leap.he slept till he snored la!haha cute boy. my parents keep laughing at me cos of driving.shit haha.im like the biggest joke ever with xx demerit points.LOL.should have just crashed his car & run away ha.okay time t watch 9pm show!cant wait for our 2nd year tgt next friday.


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