heh we had shabushabu for lunch today after service!parents dropped us off t take train t cityhallwent t get some blazers for mummy!!!she likes mine so we got her 2 hhehehe wanted popeyes but my bloody oxfords were killing me :< vanessaaaa i agree with that woman who said the shoes suck 😦 damn pain like helll now my 4 toes are like bleeding/blistering haha! was deciding t eat at thai express or hot pot or something but stupid fatty sick so cannot eat spicy food but the food we had was nice! $17 per pax w gst,no service charge.buffet,free flow beef pork chicken & whatever there is on salad bar kinda thingy.we had 8 trays of meat!lol.thanks fatz<3 next month i treat you!

went t small cousin’s house for her 5th bday.sian sian over there,zzz then homed.heading out again for older cousin’s 18th birthday haha!ok TP tmr.shit dont remind me!!!:<


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