my fatty is :)

Driving at 830! i banged 2 poles down while parking.SHIT.hahaha.we picked fats up from the interchange so he didnt have to take another busstupid sick at home then daddy drove us to cityhall cos he had smu’s grad ceremony t we hopped along & went shopping instead!i got this super pretty blazer omgggg.& bought fatty some GAP teez & he got me 2 more dresses & beard papaz x6 for my family & we had yami yoghurtmy fatty is the best!hahaha.went home tgt,& when mummy opened the door for me she was like saying “someone sent you registered mail leh!” & i was thinking i never buy anything online leh zzz & guess what!fatty bought me ohsofickle’s flower bandage skirt cos the other day i was telling him it was niceawww haha registered mail somemore!wah fats i luv you please.

mummy wants to buy the same blazer as me!HAHAHAHAHA.we can be twins,she said.LOL.


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