open up a little happiness today

ahhh didnt sleep last night,the images of the dead bodies we saw were like flooooding my dear little mind.haha urgh joyce told me she slept at 3-4am too!omg shit i regret x 13540178 looking at the bodiez omg.went t sch damn shagged pls,6am wake up,7am reach sch,study mloct a while then stone,go for accounting lecture,civil lab,play fb games & head to cdc!driving was ok la,test on monday i velly scared!fatty came to find me.he is sick ah that stupid fellar & its not h1n1 so no need to be scared hahahah.hung around j8 and had macs.wah garlic chilli is back damn shiokwent t look at casio watches.mine is 7 mths old! eyeing the pink casio calculator watch hehe.its 40ish,my sis wants the red!maybe ill get both in oct & give her for her bday & one for myselfdid grocery shopping tdy.we had sushi tei for dinnerz!yummy.bought lots of yoghurt & sweets & cereal.wah van i got bixies again ah! i bring on monday hahaha.

shall go read my magazine.waiting for the prince to wake up from his 2 hour slumber in dreamland.hah.driving tmr morning 830am! parents sending me thank goodness. & thereafter going to roam around town w my fatz!loveyou fatz!drink more water & that honey suckle flower drink i got you!


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