So after a semi long day in school,we had an outing to the Supreme Court of Singapore! shijie,yuqing,vanessa & i cabbed down to marina.v cheap pls $2 plus each only!we had 1 hour to spare so we went to john little to shop hahaha.bought loads of cosmetics!think our total bill for cosmetics exceeded $50++.anw they were having…hahah & i really love the eyeshodow & brush!total only $9.80. rushed to court cos we umm,got caught up shopping?lol.met Beesiang’s class of girls on the we all rushed tgt lol.surprisingly reached early,had to surrender my camerathe visit was an eye opener! say lots of stuff like how vulnerable witness will testify,dead bodies/parts,learnt about the court technology,all pretty cool! even got to go to hear a case that was ongoing.not bad eh!haha.ended around 445 & went to daddy’s office t wait for mummy t pick us day,wont mind another court visit!haha.imy fatty boy!ill see you tmr!


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