ribbons & more

Tuesday mornings are my favourite!cos fatty comes over with curry poks & soya bean drink in a huggeeee packet w a straw hehe.went t sch tgt after meeting someone today morning.lunched in sch,damn gross la school food.eeek.hung around for a bit then fatty had to leavecriminal procedure was amazingly not bad haha.maybe its because we had an adjunct tcher today & she was good. & nice as well! accounting was the usual zzz mode. thank God it lasted not more than 2 hours.tsk. camwhored with shijie’s ribbons haha! damn funny la what clip ribbon in front,clip on the back etc. & we were talking about shit & pee & toilet bowls lollll.funnnny.homed alone.sad hor. oh yes passed V her shoes today! Glad it can fit well for both of us hehe. planning to wear out my tiger shoes first!

Mj’s memorial special later at 130am.im deciding if i should catch it later or tape it for tmr cos ill only get back at like 7pm?mhmm. RIP MJ


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