Dessert Bar

Ytd we did grocery shopping again!bought lots of shitakae mushrooms haha love them!fatty came over as usual. played fb games till it was time t leaveeee for dessert bar near my house!nice yummy mango/strawberry w ice cream & watermelon cooler! i received the fred perry shoes & tiger shoes too!verrrry pretty & lovely okay!tempted t order more next time.wanted to give fatz his only for his bday buttttt his old tiger shoes were wearing off & he looked happy trying his new shoes so i decided to give them to him hahadaddy’s uni mates came over for a gathering last night.sooo crowded couldnt walk around la!fatz stayed for the dinner too.some catering & stuff.penang laksa ftw crossed over to cousins house to pass him his tigerz.

churched today,fatz wore his new shoes!happy happy boy haha.home for lunch & out again to do manicuretrimmed eyebrows walao first time okay!damn painnnnn omg.almost i look v funny!mani & eyebrows for only $13 in total.not bad eh!cheesecake for snack.yummmy!its raining like shit now & fatty & i are gonna sleep before going out again so byebye!

i dont have school tmr yippppiiiieee!due to court visit on thursday,we have no mloct lectures & tutorialzzz yipppidooodaaaa happyhappy!


loveyou fatty<3 you are the cutest boy 4evaaaa.


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