& make the change

Me & my fatty hahahaat 8am plus in zee morning today!haha.yummy curry poks x 2 for breakfast,thanks fatz! then we went t my sch tgt hehe & we had yummy tomyam @ ITAS. its not bad actually!LOL.although school food is usually disgusting..this one is a rare case! mouth burning,bought PEPSI & STRAWBERRY YOGHURT whoohoo!he went t sch after thatwalked him out t busstop. Freaking teacher pang seh-ed us today.class cancelled or smthg.stupid class rep didnt tell us either.yuqing got damn pissed it was funny haha.second lunch w the mates.senang around in class till CPA tcher came.shes insane i swear. what’s with the ” i must teach you all something about respect” shit know so annoying!!! met sis near home area with her friend,had snacks and then we homed tgtdaddy bought me & sis new havainas from aussie!cos hes there now hehe.yay daddy is love. travelled 2 hours to GoldCoast just to find for us hehe.mummy so cute bought us durian/banana/pandan/coffee cupcakes for snack later at night.& we bought tao huay just now!omg eat eat eat supper very happy pokpok!


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