Heart of gold

Yesterday there was this baby lizard on my ceiling. well at first i was gonna let it go,till it moved nearer & nearer to my room. tried shooting rubber bands at it to make it go the other direction but it didnt work!!! my powerful maid came & used a bamboo stick to whack it & it dropped down & she grabbed it w her hand omg.hahaha bye lizard RIP k hahaha tell your family not to come near me else all will die![check out my maid’s pic below hahaa]

school today was zzz.Mloct!!! the E lodgement prog was damn hard to use & comprehend.ended up damn pissed off and annoyed hahaha lunched w yuqing cos we were damnnn hungry.back t Ilaw to play typing maniaccccc!whoooo.how to get above 300000 pls.went for driving zzz sooo tired i didnt sleep last night cos of the white coffee i had before that.urgh. fatty came t find me!SURPRISEEEDDDD cos i didnt know he’d end earlyhappy happy!went to mail some stuff & had chicken rice yummmmy.gonna see him again tmr!

last sat’s pics that i couldnt upload!mummy & daddy



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