durian durian durian!!!


i have been seeing fatty everyday! next week cannot already cos his school will be starting! met early today morning at 8ish & had ice blended mocha w pearls from biz!haha nice.had class for 2 hours so fatz went to the library to wait for me!Lunch was nice,.prawn noodles & kway chap & durian drink whoohoo went back t sch lab to play typing maniac haha super fun & thrilling la!driving was -.- as usual.gonna fail TP hahaha.met customer on the way back.so annoying these ppl always bugging for meetupsgood thing at my convenience so its ok ha. daddy’s flying to aussie tmr.booo.

breaking news today is that king of pop michael jackson died.omg.RIP.

super tired ah byebye!


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