I reached school at freaking 7 am!!! parents sent so i had 2 hours to waste. shall give C&P lecture a miss tomorrow.sick of going t sch so early!Apel video was nice.but it was just 20mins omg.-.- civil sucked.i have no comments hahahaha.lunched w fatz at KFC again.coleslawwwwyummy i want some now! driving was boring.circuit’s slope was super hard i stalled ha.& I MET MELISSA PNG BFF & we went home tgt! fatz & i went to the market to get soyabean pearl & grass jellllly!wanted chicken wings but they told us to wait for like 20 mins so longgg so we walked home.

my house’s waterfall is getting niceerrrr everyday! still lots of construction but its ending sooon.by this week yay & new waterfall whoooo.driving again tmr & civil lab work due.shucks mann.


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