dream dream dream

Im holding a TIGER ONITSUKA shoes FAST SPREE for guys AND girls! its $150 per pair WITH SHIPPING & AIR POSTING.  they will arrive first week of july after i make payment w daddy’s card haha! so if ya’ll want the shoes,EMAIL ME at my personal email or my blogshop email @ prunespink@yahoo.com. payments are to be in by this coming weekend.


we had lunch at KFC! wah i luv kfc please lol.4 chicken,2 coleslaw[i luv this most],2 potatoes,2 drinks yay!class sucked.my results were..hahaha.better just shut up about it.& no they werent fantastic tyvm.shall just learn to be thankful despite my bitter failures in life lol. my class is hilarious. haha luv the accounting tcher suan her like crazy bet she got damn pissed hahahaha went home w fats ok gotto churn out some documents for fri gtg dinner too so byeeee!

mad to5


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