We played make up session at home today haha freaking hilarious! Trained to vivo to meet CG. They were eatin at BK but we alr had lunch at home met the rest of R.A.Y.S at the Sentosa train station before heading to Palawan.games were not bad haha basking in the ultraaaa scorching sun. could literally feel the heat seeeeping through my skin la. & now im all red & ugly we left early & i was starving so we had 7-11 mashed potato[my ultimate fav] & sotong ballz & coke haha!fatz bathed & we took the train thingy back to vivo.went w parents t buy Fathers day cake for tonight’s gathering w cousins.durian!!! & i have a whole pack of JACKFRUITS for myself hohoho.my breakfast tmr!

shall sleep soon.totally worn out like crap hahahah nights ya’ll


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