Gdday earthlings!ive been home for 28 hours & its making me get a headache >.< urgh imy fatty bombom! & ill finally get to see you tmr!happyhappy!watch Hannah Montana movie w meeee i know you wanna watch although wenkai keeps insisting i forced you to watch w me & all.hahaha My fred perry wallets are here!Along with Vanessa’s!! fatty collected them for me[check out the oooovoooo picture with the wallet in a box!] hehe i wanted t give him for 2nd year w other things,& i think i shall!No surprise nvm la huh i look so freaking unglam @ home haha like some aunty ah soh ah sao please.wearing Doraemon shirt & pinned up fringe eew hahaha okay tmr im leavin home super early like 8ish 9 so that i can slowlyyyy bus to NP & wait for the fatz to end his exam at 1030!!!

k,shall watch Red Thread in 15mins!



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