when belle meets nic & nic meets rae.

Today was awesome![inserts 10000000 xanga smileys]met belle @ serangoon at likeeee 12 hahaha,trained to bugis to meet rachel limmie who was out w her bf.walked round bugis in search of food.everything was so tempting la.settled at hongkong cafe.sucked btw.haha! walked for ages i swear my feet were hurting cos of the heelz. super sucky.we had lotsa fun,belle tried fake eyelashes for the first time!fyi her lashes are already like freakass long you’d be v jealous if you see man.haha.we spent like close $200 in total for 2 ppl omg dammit.rae left after a while cos she had driving..so belle & i shopped walked talked.she spent like xxx HAHAHA! super funny please,buy like free eh woman!take grab nicenice okay buy haha crazy.we both liked this pair of shoes for bfz,but no size 9 omg.they only have like size 7 biggest.which freaking guy wears size 7 you tell me!!! must be joking man-.- we drew cash like 3 times[me at serangoon,belle @ bugis mrt,belle @ OG] hahaha.bought stuff for the bfz aww so nice right!okay & now im totally 101% drained plus my feet are like aching like shit & my head’s splitting lol. i need more $$$!want belle’s shoes.hahaha.


love girls


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