Day out with Gorgeous!

Today morning fatz gave me a wake up call cos he reached my house at 830am HAHAHA. chionged to bathe & all,texted gorgeous & altered fatty’s berms for him cos he was complaining that it was too long lol.went for Brunch @ market.daddy bought us matching phone pouches! so sweet hahaha pink for me,black for fatz & red for my sissie.yay.yummmmy hokkien mee,pigs organ soup,kway chap,soya bean pearl,grass jelly pearl.bused to Bishan to meet Gorgeous! went to her house t watch dvd,her sister’s v cute!but according to sylvia she’s irritating hahahaha.saw her Bishan pillow nua already la gorgeous!LOL.nv let me smell!took a few pics here & there.Sophia[Sylvia’s pri 2 sis] asked me to help her w chinese omg so embarrassing i had to use dictionary can!Primary 2 learning those 4 word idioms & damn hard somemore.tsk.anw we went to J8 for Yamiiiiii Yoghurt!& Subway drinks. talked a while then i left at 5ish to meet sis at cityhall.

Thanks Gorgeous for your time! ill see you next week for Movie & shopping kay!& teach me how to wear contactz please hahaha luvyou forever!Hope you like your banglez.

Dinnered at Kuishimbo.Fathers day dinner.2nd time there in 8 days!lol Crab overdose.i ate like 8-9 crabs & like 9 prawns omg.super high colesterol?HAHAHA.but niceee.feel damn bloated now.ate for like…2 hrs plusplus.full please!Had a nice time w family as usual.

Tmr meeting belle/mel ang! Another exciting day ahead.fatz hurry finish exams then we can go out too!lol<3 loveyou!


fatz gorgeous



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