Happy 1 year 10 months 7 days :D

Im so sick of staring at the C&P accounting book,everytime i open it i’ll just close it again omg.zzz to the max okay! i realllly hate studying haha, it’s not a very pleasant hobby to keep!>.< anw church today was  i luv the church atmosphere every single sunday. Looks like ill be occupied every Sunday till i die!haha yayyy.we had lunch @ Transit Road area.okok food la,wanted kolomee but they closed down omg. fatz came over haha iloveyou fatty boyboy! We studied,slacked around,did facial -.-,peeled off the cucumber mask,drank coke,ate san zhar[the sweet!],saw online stuff,chose fred perry wallets!HAHAHA.crazy day.tmr 9-10 is accounting test!After that it’ll be hanging with classmates,then off to NP to find my fatfat! then eat ice cream somewhere/something & find mummy t go home tgt!i am happy.& daddy’s comin home tmr from Bangkok!


This is my fatfat ^^ & i luv him vellyswellymuch.

You are magnificent,
Eternally wonderful, glorious.
Jesus, no one ever will compare
To You, Jesus.


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