Galvin & Charmaine’s wedding(:


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Today we attended Galvin[our WG leader] and Charmaine’s wedding. They looked absolutely gorgeous k! Charmaine was so damn pretty omg. Their service was..packed with 1000plus plus ppl? Their speeches were so touching lol. & everything was just perfect. They look like the perfect couple to me! & i wish i could be like them in like..6 years time?hahaha. God’s Blessings on your marriage,you perfect couple (:

Had a nice time catching up with all the WG ppl,omg Gabriel & his ‘we are exclusive dont talk to us!’ was damn funny & walking around in heels killed my poor feet,snapping pictures here & there,talking to random ppl,it was pure fun (: IF only i could meet them everyday..that’ll be awesome please.haha anw went home early t study zzz i miss my fatty bombom ): next week i ca ngo find & pester him everyday yayyyy. i got alot of pimples i dunno why >.<

WHY FACEBOOK CANNOT UPLOAD PICS ): angry haha lagging away…


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