Thank you fatty :D

AHHH today today today,rushed to school by 8am to hand up criminal procedure our utmost utmost joy/horror whichever way you see it,our MLOCT tutorial got cancelled-.- cos tcher had some problems or smthg.omg la i was quite pissed haha,but good thing we had submission so i had t be in sch anyway..but sometimes quite irresponsible laaa imagine if i had travelled t sch JUST for MLOCT-.- omg haha.anw played facebook for a while before heading out for lunch with shijie,yuqing & wk.wanted astons but they were closed ): went to tampines one aft tt for shopping!GSS coming alr,everywhere sale pls!TOPMAN esp omg.bought fatty a shirt from $46 became $19 AHAHAHA.yuqing bought the same one for her bf!lol.walked around..had FROLICK.yayyay again!more shopping but nothing to buy....trained to Cityhall w yuqing cos i was meeting fatty! Omg ended up shopping again..Topman AGAIN.bought him jeans[freaking cheap you wont believe it!].hahaha & he got me a Zara shirt!<3 yay thanks. & revlon eyeliner cos Shijie said it was good so fatz bought for me šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ :D!!!crayon type! heheheh so he’s happy w his loots & so am iiiii.Kuishimbo[?] for dinner.yummmy please.Snow crabs,prawns,udon,soba,cakes,fondue,drinks,soup,teppenyaki..etc..SHIOK haha.thanks fatz for the treat! Finally got home after that.mummy so cute she walked out t wait for me cos she scared ppl catch me away so so drained i cant study tonight.excuses again! i did my accounting okay! urgh.

Wk lend me book leh ): lol! i want to read angels & demons!after exams im gg to the librarreeeee.Next tues im dating Sylvia Gorgeous & on Wed im dating Annabelle!wah so happy HAHAHA bellie wellie get well soon!

Me & my fatty happy tgt forever ahahaha.



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