happy 22nd monthsary!

In 52 mins time it’d be our 22nd monthsary.haha!so time fliesss its been close 2 years tgt!since we were 17?lol so young omg!anw today I & my lawmates had SIP briefing @ an unearthly hour of 9am. i was THIS close to dying pls soooo tired it hurt to even wake up & like bathe lol. anw briefing wasnt tt bad..WY v funny pls.after briefing went opp sch w hpys & fatty came t tp so he joined us! ❤  went to perm my hair again.now its so bloody bleeding curly!HAHAHA see below! some pics before & after the 4 half hour session..zzz celebrated bday w relativez only..Ritez pizza!HAHAHA.okay crim pro almost done.omg hang in there ya’ll! just 2 more days before submission!WHOOOOO.

page DSC_0247

Anyone interested in these? i found a spree online,if order more than wont have those tax here & there.

It’s SGD $38 Nett. cos if order more than no tax la! so if order like one[for myself] then it’ll be $43? something like that HAHA you want then tell me la!i dont want pay tax ):


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