I am very stressed!>.<

1.Tmr’s submission of MOA/MOS.
2.Criminal Procedure essay submission 25th may.
3.Civil procedure Test 28th may.
4.Mloct Proj Submission 28th may.
5.Mloct proj 2 on its way.
6.Criminal Procedure proj 2 on its way.
7.Accounting test 1 June.

omggggg!): criezzz haha today was mhmhmm lecture wasnt bad. i kinda like WY HAHAHA! apel was a waste of time..15 mins hohoho.okay i was late so whatever!tsk sorry Mr M!lol.went home right aft class at 1230.post office to mail Sheryl’s shoes,deposit $,buy my btea[which i drank till can puke],bused home,enjoyed walking in the scorching sun,bathed,did my work,slept,dinner,computer! & im gonna eat the Kinder Joy that Bs gave me hehehe. & thanks W for the highlighters! i thought it was candy you know!HAHAHAH.

Another early morning tmr.driving.party at night at dunno which cafe club haha zzz so tiring!& M aint helping mood swinging like cow or smthg.lol.

IMG_4529 IMG_4522 IMG_4531

Btw im selling the above shoes fresh from Australia spree. i bought the wrong size clever huh! its a local 38 so 37-39 ppl would fit fine. LMK if you are interested.prunespink@yahoo.com . its a 2 tone brown vintage pumps (:
$32,if you are my friend its $30! (: come on thats the cost price already!!!!! Fullscreen_capture_3132009_11448_PM_bmp candy

I got the above 2 dresses from fatty’s sis shopblog! v pretty right? animal prints & candy pink stripes! visit her blog @ www.cravingforfashion.blogspot.com (: & OF COS VISIT MINE @ www.daintyshoes.blogspot.com XIE XIE.


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