Thank You everyone!

Thank You to my dearest family for the cards,presents,cash,dinner & love.
Thank You fatty for the pretty necklace & 101% handmade card.i know you dont do handmade stuff haha so Thank you velly much wo ai ni many many!
Thank You Mels & Deb for the Love book & Spongebob slippers!
Thank You Yuqing for the v pretty paris hilton-ish chain!
Thank You Vanessa for the donuts,durian biscuits & sweets!
Thank You BeeSiang for the kidder joyz & penz!
Thank You TP classmates for your bday wishes[;
Thank You friends for ALL your smses and facebook messages.
Thank You Bennett cousin for smsing me eventhough youre in NS!
Thank You Twin Brother Zephy for sneakingly smsing me from your NS bunk & happy 19th t you too!
Thank you to everyone for everything & for making my 19th a memorable one(:

Last of all,Thank You God for blessing me with an awesome family, a lovely fatty & amazing friends!<3




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