clique + tennis + siqi’s 21st!

Ytd was extremelyyy busy so i didnt have time to blog.anw me mummy sis fatty had pizza hut for lunch! i  luv the cheese mushroom pasta walked around causeway pt for a while.headed to clarke quay w my fatty to wait for clique to arrive.starbuxxxx & slacked around.finally saw them!hahah & we headed to Waraku.omg mel p’s yam rice was damnnn gross HAHA they said it tasted like phlegm eeee! sick please HAHAHA met them for a short while but it was fun<3 love them.gonna see them this wkend @ my place i think!so headed off to YioChuKang w fatz.cousin picked us up & off to his gf’s house for fatty owns mannnzxzx power arms whoohoo!bathed there & cabbed to fatty’s house for his sister’s 21st party part 1! omg i so paisehhhhh hhaha dig hole & bury myself please,so embarrassssssingg!haha but his small cousins were cute.what fergie & ricky haah so cute!& then it blacked out.tsk.but the lights came back after a while!his daddy sent me home hehe & i watched S factor & slepttt zzzz. tdy sucked.felt so tired the wholeeee day since morning 9am class.W ponned sch[again!] so i was alone & i roamed around TM before driving..W if you read this BETTER send me your MLOCT else i will kick you!!tmr i get to see my fatty before school<3 happpy please bored to death cos he’s at squash now so i shall do crim or smthg.ohmyyy save me so tired!

FOOD clique IMG_4433

love night



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