under the seaaa


Today saw me skipping C&P lecture coz i was v v tired!but still..i reached school early to do up WOS/SOC. in case you were wondering my dear friends,it’s writ of summon & statement of claim which i can confidently say that ALL seniors HATE TO THE CORE >.< spent so much time on it,it was nutz please. i brought like 50 sheets of paper just to print hahhhh.zzz in class,smuggled food to eat & so did many others HAHAHAAAA. W followed me to CDC for lunch cuz its damn cheap there & sch food sucks btw lol & i had driving & it stormed & i was freaking scared to walk home cuz there was lightning everywhere & my brella’s so teeny weeeeeny.

I accidentally combed the curly hair today-.- made it straight HAHAHA it isnt too curly to begin with! & i cant use xanga smileys cuzzzzz it’ll hang my dear littlelaptop which is soooo irritating!im currently cracking my small puny brain over MLOCT. someone just help me with the sole proprietorship/partnership/law corporation thingy! QN 3A pls HELP ME HAHHH im gonnna dieeee.

Tomorrow shall see me doing work at home with my dearest fatty bomb bomb & we shall take a stroll & like go out somewhere in this very tiny Singapore hahah & have my soyabean pearl which i want sooo badly & i should really get a life. it’s close 11pm & im tired but i wanna catch SURVIVOR@ 1130pm! Daddy’s in thailand so dear Lord keep him save & take care of him there & bring him back safely & tell him i want my ipod casing hahahah. Really thank God for this awesome week eventhough we had tonnes of work to do & so many things to cram in. omg wordddy okay bye eat marshmellows!


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