MLOCT lecturer is the death of me man!uploading notes 10 MINUTES before class & expecting us to bring it along?!? omg must be crazy, irresponsible!lunched w HPYs at Tampines 1 SAY CHEEZE.nice food super cheeeesy heheheh there was this cute baby on the floor[see pic] anw we had to run for 23 tdy cos we jiust missed it hah tiring plsss & the woman in front of me & B smelt like some fish hahaha super stink!got our Rules of Court tdy had to bind it superrr thick pls. & elective results out tdy! Me,R & W all same,banking & finance & commercial transactions! B is doing B&F and Arbitration civ tutorial was fine, love the tcher!hheheh Yuqing made peanut butter & jelly bread for us haha thanks!homed aft tt. sch for 1 hr plus tmr mhm & hair day tmr!



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