besttttt of all days

today morning fatz came over.bluffed my maid he was a NEA person cmg to check for mosquitoes HAHAHA slacked around with ice milo and went out to buy for maid her prepaid card,was gg out anw so yeah!had kway chap for lunch,along with pearl soya bean,grass jelly,tao hwayyyy.then we went to my sch tgt fats sent me halfway reached sch to find out tt the tutor FORGOT tt we had consultation today.omg imagine how annoyed i was!tsk.went to tamp1 with dhar & vanessa.nothing to do so just go out what,right!hahah back for accounting tutorial-.- sucks man.literally.asked her a qn & she didnt even answer me!!!blooooddddy old hag.omg superrr irritating only la!tutor also dont wanna answer,instead she told us to like ‘discuss w your partners’ and ‘help each other.’ & best of all,she checked our work INDIVIDUALLY and gave us marks upon 5 according to how many qns we did!tsk gone case la this one.teacher evaluation she sure die!haha anw now im at the airport,Terminal 3.waiting for daddy t come back from china! im waiting aloneeee with my lappy.tskkk ok shall go surf fr3b & get some cosmetics!

Picture 035 Picture 036 Picture 040

in class w shijie & yuqing hahahahah

Picture 043

edit 0730pm

daddy got sis & i this from duty free shop @ Airport!yayyy thank you daddy!<3




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