Happy Mothers’ day to all mothers out there & specially to my mummy whom i love v v v much! Service was fab tdy & all mothers got a gift haha some towel w lace and with words like “God is love” hehe sweet pasta mania for lunch whooo lots & lots & lots of spaghetti! i actually love carbo haha super filling & yummy! headed off to vivo with the fatz.i wanted t go town but my sis said vivo had accersories sale so went there instead lol.who wants to go buy chain headband with me! wanted it for v long alr pls.anw i bought a ring from SIX & fatz bought those plaited guys band thingy its niceee!not THAT cheap lor pls haha,still of a certain substantial amount?lol i bought ryan his bday gift while walking around.think he’ll like it! bought topman stuff hha topshop is so frickking ex i cant bear to waste money on one piece of clothing lah!$80 for one dress0.0 hahahahhh so only fatz got his tees.hmhmmm anw had awfully chocolate wah thick till can choke but damn shiok HAHA the sales girl wanted us to get 3 scoops!!!-.- hahahahhhh anw sch sucks tmr 9am plus driving thereafter.faints):

mothers day


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