Early morning.

  My morning was perfect.how about yours!daddy flew off to china today so i woke up early to say bye!haha & fatz came over at 8ish w my fav curry pok & we had ice milo & played Restaurant city for a while.Off to Toa Payoh for lunch @ KFC! i still love Zinger most! took 8 tgt will the church area then he got off cos he had school too! was super early so went to library to do my choosing of electives.the library security uncle made me take temperature cos i didnt have the green sticker on me-.- ha anw class was uh,spastic. the tutor is nutz.literally.practically dying.rushed off t go home cos this customer wanted t meet me at my area,& i didnt bring the shirt w me!lol.flew home & ran back down to meet her at macs.got my new highwaist shorts tdy as well & loveee it.so fatz doesnt have t buy me the topshop one anymore!topshop’s like $68/69 haha crazy for a piece of denim but i like it! anw i was walking under the scorching sun w umbrella.so aunty-ish right!then when i wanted to close the umbrella before meeting her,the umbrella wouldnt budge-.- shit man i think i spoilt my new umbrella? so im v tired from all the walking,running,i walked up and down my house to macs like 3 times alr haha its not a short distance okay! i think 1 km plus HAHA.v v exhuastingggg.i feel so screwed for Mloct W i know you feel the same way hahaha all the best to us.

oh & i forgot to mention today i received a call..it made me happy.well sort off.haha W dont tell ppl okay & fatty shhh also. gonna pray about it,if i works,it works & ill thank God for it.if it doesnt work out,means it’s not God’s will for me!hahah.

Lord help me to stay close to you and trust you more each day, so when the storms of life appear i will not drift away


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