The girl in the picture is so pretty!found it on deviantart heh

Boring monday once again!jam packed buses x3 in the morning at 7am SUCKS like hell i purposely left at 710[10 mins early] cos i wanted to beat the rush for bus 8 to school,but NOOOOO,8 was soooo darn packed[although i was alr in it,thankfully],the bus driver was shouting at ppl to movvveeee in & go up to the top deck & he kept saying stuff like” YOUR SCHOOL TOOOOOO MANY STUDENTS ALREADY” in chinese haha quite funny i heard ppl sniggering anw i reached just 15 mins early,no diff from leaving later!pffft.class was um,draining.3 hours in the ilaw chambers playing restaurant city,writing notes in between,chatting here & there,texting fatz.draining okay!lunched with HPY W,bubble tea-d,walked to this ulu-ated bus stop to catch 22 & i got 7 mosquito bites bus 45 to CDC,waited for 1 hr for my driving lesson to start.Took temperature there cos everyone has to Driving was crazy cos i almost crashed 3 times!Forgot to change gear[gear4] & wanted to make a please swerving around almost hit a few cars omg scarrrry & other times during right turn,i turn toooo slowly tyvm so some lorry almost crashed into me & uhh the instructor was telling me he doesnt wanna die yet-.- haha im luvin driving though.met customer at sgn. need to meet my no1 customer sheryl to pass her shoes & eyeliner!Tmr morning imma meet my number 1 boy & on wed imma have lunch w my hpyzzz @ tampinesone or smthg.

Who want’s this Bandage skirt? i have ONE instock,market price $25,imma sell it @ $16 only overstock please!



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