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what a dilemma!haha luv both colours!ppl who want,email

school was effed up.boring like hell plus the 1st lesson was like i was falling asleep.eating chocolates to stay awake pls,in btw whining to people about how lame the subject was & how hungry i was.hah finally had lunch @ 1130!with Wenkai[my 3 yr friend alr lo hahaha],shijie,yuqing,vanessa,sham,zhaoling!library to slack aft tt got home around 540 or smthg,ate my mangoes!my room has an effing lizard.i have officially shifted over to the guest room next door.brought over my clothes for tmr,pillows,dolls,bag,perfume,make up.hahaha i effing hate lizards they freak me out more than ghosts. yes sry for being vulgar but i really dont care cos im reallllly annoyed tt a lizard has forced me to move out of my beloved room & im really tired & i really hate studying @ this moment.  nvm,shall get my biker jac as motivation!BROWN/BLACK?:)

tmr morning breakfast w fattysourheart hahaha


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